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LSU Offers Middle Schooler? What’s Next?

Youth players wearing college uniforms in little league games

Remember life as a young teenager? Running around the neighborhood, playing tag, and finding excuses to get away from your parents to get loaded up on soda and candy and stay up all night with your friends. The biggest concern in life was whether or not to ask your crush to the movies that Friday night, and if your parents would drop you off around the corner so nobody would see you with those “losers”.

Man, those were the days.

For 14-year-old Dylan Moses those days are long gone, and in fact, may have never come for the youngster. The soon-to-be eighth grader was offered a full athletic scholarship to Louisiana State University by none other than “The Mad Hatter” himself, Les Miles. The middle schooler has yet to play a single down at the high school level (let alone choose the high school he will attend), and Miles seems to think he has the talent to play for the ever-so-prestigious LSU football program. Some reporters even used the term ‘ungodly’ in reference to Moses’ football ability. How could this be when such a young player has so much more developing to do not only mentally, but physically as well?

This isn’t the first time a middle school child has been at the forefront of the Division 1A recruiting scene. Do the names David Sills and Tate Martell ring a bell? Sills, a 15 year old quarterback out of Maryland, was reportedly recruited by major college teams as early as the age of 11 and committed in 2010 at the age of 13 to the University of Southern California to play for Coach Lane Kiffin. The Bloomberg News dubbed him as the ‘greatest arm money could buy’. Now entering his sophomore season, Sills remains committed to the Trojans and looks to add a big year to his already impressive stat line (2,340 yards and 28 touchdowns as a freshman). Tate Martell is a 14 year old quarterback out of San Diego, who just last week accepted a scholarship offer to play for the Washington Huskies as a part of the 2017 recruiting class.

As a fan of the game, as well as the vast evolutions and growth of it, I love these moves. The kids will now endure a whole new type of training as well as never before seen pressure to prepare them for the next level, enabling them the potential to develop into the type of players we may have never experienced in college football.

In the words of the great (strictly referring to his broadcasting career) Lee Corso, “NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND!!”

Just what exactly is football doing for the youth of today? If you ask any high school football coach what their mission is, they will tell you they are attempting to prepare young men for life’s journey. Coaches preach and demand hard work, dedication, discipline, trust, and a sense of brotherhood among their players that many people, including myself, feel is a vital part of a man’s maturation process. By offering scholarships to kids at such a young age, coaches are instilling the wrong values into our youth and our communities. Rather than teaching them life’s values and morals, we are simply telling them to be good at what they do and the rest will fall into place. High school football has changed the course of many individual’s lives in a number of ways, and for many was/is an escape from a harsh reality in which they live. It would be a shame to see high school football coaches alienate children who aren’t the most athletic or football savvy due in part to them wanting to play the kid who has been an Alabama commit for five years, or so they could hone a roster full of division 1 athletes. What’s next? Peyton Manning’s next child will come out of the womb with a scholarship in hand?

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