Best College Football Coach: If He Existed

Nick Saban and Urban Meyer both posses attributes that the best college football coach would have.

There are many attributes that come into play when assessing a great college football coach. There is the recruiting side of coaching, where coaches must be able to speak with players and parents, gaining their trust to get top recruits around the nation to come to their school. A coach must also have understanding of strength and conditioning, and be able to implement a program that oftentimes flies under the radar to most fans. The best strength and conditioning programs will get the team faster and stronger as a whole, which leads to fewer injuries and more wins. A great football coach will pay attention to his teams mastery of special teams, oftentimes overseeing the unit, and this unit plays a huge role in winning or losing games. The special teams unit is special for a reason, and can flip field position in an instant, score a touchdown in a flash, or block a game winning kick to save a game.

The offensive side of the ball obviously scores points, but also gives the team’s defense a rest by sustaining long drives. A great coach and can develop his team’s culture on offense, for example, a “smash mouth” culture where the run is established, or a “speed kills” culture that spreads the opponent out. A great team culture will lead to satisfaction among players, and easy recruiting material. Lastly, there is the defensive side of the ball, which is the most important attribute a great college football coach possesses, in the ninja’s opinion. “Defense wins Championships” and if you do not believe in this quote, simply look at last year’s BCS Championship game that displayed the top two defenses in the country last season with Alabama and LSU.

Now that we covered the attributes that make a great college football coach let’s build the Ninja Sports Best College Football Coach!

Note: active coaches were considered

Jimbo Fisher isn’t only friendly with recruits, he makes time for everyone!

Recruiting: This is the starting point to every great team, and when building the best college football coach you need to have to have Coach Jimbo Fisher’s recruiting skills. Since Jimbo Fisher took over in Tallahassee in 2010, he has landed 8 five star recruits (Lamrcus Joyner, Cornellius Carradine, Nick O’ Leary ,Timmy Jernigan ,Mario Edwards, Eddie Goldman, Ronald Darby, James Winston), earned the best recruiting class in the nation according to in 2011, and the number 2 recruiting class in 2012 while dominating the state of Florida signing 41 players in his first 3 years as Head Coach for the Noles.

Coach Marotti

Strength and Conditioning: This is a very important aspect; if your team is not getting bigger and faster they are simply at a disadvantage to other teams that are running a great strength and conditioning programs. The best college football coach would have the knowledge and passion for strength and conditioning that Coach Mickey Marotti possesses. “Coach Micks” current occupation title is “assistant athletic director for football sports performance at Ohio State” but also worked under Coach Meyer at Florida from 2005-2011 where he developed 22 All-Americans and eight first-round NFL draft choices. The team also won two National Championships, two Southeastern Conference Championships and had three 13-win seasons under Coach Mick’s Strength and Conditioning Program.

Coach Meyer

Special Teams:  As explained above Special Teams is very special unit and plays a big roll in winning and losing games. The best college football coach without a doubt would have Coach Urban Meyer’s Special team skills. Coach Meyer’s Florida football team averaged more than 1,000 kick return yards a season from 2007-2010, and blocked a whopping 18 kicks/punts during this time period.

A Chip Kelly sign shows his innovative capabilities

Offense:  This is a very important aspect of any team, as you have to score points to win, and sometimes have to blow teams out to impress voters and move up in the polls. The best college football coach would have the brilliant offensive mind of Chip Kelly, the head coach for the Oregon Ducks. Last year, the Oregon offense averaged 57 points per game, 297 rushing yards per game, and 308 passing yards per game, while running the fastest pace offense in the nation, averaging 78.3 plays per game. Good luck to the defense.

Nick Saban gives instructions

Defense: This is the most important attribute to the ninja, and the best college football coach will have the defensive schemes of Coach Nick Saban from ‘Bama. Last year Coach Saban’s defense allowed on average only 8.2 points per game, 111 pass yards per game, 2.4 yards per rush, and had 17 takeaways (13int, 4 fumble recoveries). So is it a surprise that Alabama won the 2011 National Championship? No “Defense Wins Championships”.


Guest Blogger: @PenaJT2

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