Barry Bonds is the Greatest Baseball Player of All Time

Steroids did take him above and beyond, but Bonds is still the greatest ever.

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding Barry Bonds since December of ’01 when Bonds was accused of using steroids. Bonds claimed boyhood friend Greg Anderson gave him a supplement he took named “Cream and Clear” and told him it was a nutritional supplement flaxseed oil and a rubbing balm for arthritis. Bonds said he did not know what he was taking was a banned substance. The truth will likely never be fully known, but most suspect Bonds is a cheater. Even if he is, you should not automatically discard Bonds from the Hall of Fame and the conversation of greatest baseball player ever; and if you do, you are dead wrong.

First, let’s start with the MVP award that is given out to the best American League and National League player at the end of the season. Bonds has won a Major League leading 7 MVP awards ( ’90, ’92, ’93, ’01, ’02, ’03, ’04) and has the most consecutive MVP awards in MLB history with 4. First ballot Hall of Famer and Yankee great Mickey Mantle only won 3. Barry Bonds played in 14 all-star games, which puts him 7th on the all-time list in MLB history, tying him with Hall of Famers Johnny Bench, Reggie Jackson, and Warren Spahn. Add 8 gold glove awards, placing Bonds in the top 5 in MLB history. Bonds also stole 514 bases, which makes him one of 37 players in MLB history to ever reach this mark, and puts him ahead of Hall of Famers Luis Aparicio and Paul Molitor. Bonds racked up 1,996 RBI’S over his career, 3rd all time in MLB history behind Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron. Bonds is one of only 10 players in MLB history to ever reach 1900 RBI’S. Bonds added 2,935 hits and had a career batting average of .298 that shows how pure of a hitter he was. Lastly, of course, Barry Bonds is the all-time home run leader in MLB history with 762.

MVPs 7 (4 consecutive)
All-Star Games 14
Gold Gloves 8
SB 514
RBI 1,996
Hits 2,935
Avg .298
HR 762

Again, if you are automatically discarding Bonds from the Hall of Fame and the conversation of greatest baseball player ever, you are dead wrong.

Taking steroids makes you stronger but it does not make you have great hand eye coordination, does not help you read the ball off the bat to run down a ball in the gap, and it does not make you know when it is a good runner’s count to swipe a bag. Zydrunas Savickas and Terry Hollands are the World’s Strongest Men, but I doubt either one of them can hit a High School pitcher, and defiantly can’t hit Major League pitching.

If you are discarding Bonds’ numbers because you feel he got added strength from a supplement, you should drop that debate. An athlete can have all the strength in the world literally, but without the pure swing he or she is a weightlifter- not the greatest baseball player of all time. Can you really leave a player out of the Hall of Fame who leads MLB history in HRs and MVP awards while being one of five players ever to win 5 gold gloves and 3rd all time in RBIS? Is it a stretch to say he is the greatest baseball player of all time when he has more HRs than Hank Aaron and Babe Ruth, more RBIs than Lou Gehrig and Stan Musical, and the same career batting average as Dom DiMaggio at .298?

By: Guest blogger – Justin Pena – @PenaJT2

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5 thoughts on “Barry Bonds is the Greatest Baseball Player of All Time

  1. Mike says:

    Well written. Facts Dont Lie.

  2. shawnD0N says:

    His overall stats prove he was the all around best player to play the game. Hitting, base running, defense.

  3. Joe says:

    1) all-star game is a voted by the fans and shouldn’t even be considered for the hall of fame.
    2) Even though I enjoyed steroids in baseball, the guy still cheated. No one has been anywhere close to hitting as many balls as he was in McCovey cove. Steroids can’t help you be a better player but they can add 100 ft to your ball.
    3) You have to throw Griffey into the debate. Guy hit over 600 hr and missed a good chunk of seasons in the middle of his career.

    • ninjasports says:

      Great reply. The strength and benefit to fast twitch muscles gained from steroids definately adds velocity to swing or arm whip. These gaines lead to some of the monster seasons that Bonds had no doubt.

  4. ninjasports says:

    Joe Great Reply but like Lee Corso says (Not so Fast)
    1) The years Barry made the All-Star team every Baseball Writer in America would agree he had HOF numbers if there were no steroid allegations. So the fans got it right.
    2) The Giants have not had another power lefty in their lineup since Bonds retired and right field at AT&T Park is only 309ft. The “Splash Hits” have been estimated at 350ft so every HR to center feild in a MLB park travels further.
    3) Bonds was walked 177 times in 162 games which means he averaged 2.9 ABs a game. He hit 73 HRs in 162 games which averages to him hitting a HR every 6.2 Abs. Steroids make you stronger but they don’t make you hit in the clutch and under pressure the way Barry did in 2001. I love Griffey (especially his shoes in the 90s) but I never saw Griffey or any other player hit under the pressure Barry did.

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