Nick Newell the One Armed MMA Fighter

Undefeated Nick Newell knocks out opponent with knees punches and wrestling in recent fight

Nick Newell MMA one armed record undefeated knock outs knees kicks submissions recent fight XFC mixed martial arts

Mixed Martial Arts has become the mainstream combative sport across the world, yet is still relatively new to the realm of top sports. Therefore, many stories and issues that come out of MMA are new to sport in general, and may have never been seen before. Many cool and unique stories appear all of the time for fans paying attention, but not many compare to this one. Nick Newell is an MMA fighter that is currently signed with the XFC, and undefeated at 8-0. Being undefeated at any level is a good enough reason to start following a fighter, but that is not what makes this story interesting. Nick Newell only fights with one arm.

Now 26 years old, Newell was born with congenital amputation of the left arm, stopping his arm just past the elbow. He became somewhat popular as a high school and collegiate wrestling star, amassing over 300 victories between both levels. Before he became a professional, Newell was struggling to find opponents. He described in an article with that opponents did not want to engage in a lose-lose situation. Win, and they beat a guy with one arm. Lose, and suffer the embarrassment of losing to a guy with one arm.

After Newell became a professional, finding opponents was none of his concern. His first professional fight was June 20th, 2009, for the organization CFX. Newell finished his opponent with punches to achieve victory by TKO in round 1. After fighting for 3 more different organizations and going undefeated with a 5-0 record, he was signed to a multi-fight deal by XFC and has won his last 3 fights. Newell fights out of the Fighting Arts Academy, and in his most recent fight delivered a devastating knockout by a knee.

Nick Newell’s story is one of the more inspiring in MMA. A kid in a combat sport, who seemingly should be at a huge disadvantage, has surpassed all expectations and is a legit force in the lightweight division of XFC. Newell is expected to get a title shot in the XFC later this year. His popularity in the MMA world is increasing, and his fights on YouTube are generating a lot of buzz. This ninja will be rooting for him in his next fight, and from the looks of the highlights, UFC lightweights better be taking a close look at this kid out of Massachusetts,nicknamed Notorious.

Wins breakdown:

Knockout: 2
Submission: 5
Decision : 1

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